About Me

At the small and sweet age of two I was telling my mum that I couldn’t wear the clothes she picked out for me because I didn’t have the right shoes to go with it; and since then, I have always had a love for fashion.

I spend probably way too much money on magazines each month and a lot of my time on drooling over the gorgeous clothes and beauty trends that each season has to offer. I openly admit that I am more than a bit of a fashion junkie; loving all aspects of this big industry. From the art and beauty of hair and make up, the styles and tailoring of all clothes from catwalk to high street, the way outfits are put together,  the stunning fashion photography that’s out there along with the editorial words and images of magazines and fashion bloggers.

I have decided to take the dive and venture into the world of blogging, something I have wanted to do for a long time. I enjoy all things fashion and I hope you will like me sharing this with you; from my thoughts and takes on the latest trends and issues.

With an apprenticeship at Toni & Guy, big plans for myself in the fashion industry & a passion for this blog, I really hope you enjoy your visit to LivMayFar!

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